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If you need help understanding how FSMA affects your business or are concerned about potential compliance issues, look at AFS Internacional for solutions. The AFS  food consulting team provides the scientific and technical expertise necessary to deliver cost-effective solutions that address your FSMA concerns.


If  you need essential compliance documentation, assistance with supply chain traceability or a reliable roadmap to compliance, we are ready to  guide you through the FSMA compliance rules.



  • Gap assessment. What you have and what you might need to be in full compliance.  Find, Mitigate & 

  • Document Management. Our team will develop required documents, SOPs, Forms and complete plans.

  • Online Consulting and follow up 24/7

  • Build preventive controls assistance; process, supply chain, sanitation  and allergens.

  • Supplier approval program includes verification visits to seek compliance with regulation. 

  • Foreign Supplier Verification Programs, our team can be your external Qualified Individual.

  • Transportation Rule

  • Food Defense, fraud and economically motivated hazards. 

Need assistance during and FDA inspection, give us a call!!!

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