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Verification Visits


Why FSVP Verification Visits?

Understanding your suppliers compliance could be a difficult task. Our FSVP team will perform non-regulatory visits and will get your supplier ready and you a peace of mind on their compliance. Our visits will help in;

  • Demonstrate your organization’s compliance with FSMA 

  • Reduce risk by undergoing one verification visit to measure compliance with the regulation. 

  • Assure suppliers compliance with 21 CFR 112 and 21 CFR 117.

Foreign supplier verification program certifications are renewed annually.

From AWorld-Leading Consulting Provider

As a world-leading provider of consulting, training and FSMA's regulations,  AFS will provide first hand information on compliance and assistance when dealing with regulation.

We have serviced hundreds of companie sand perform verification audits all over LATAM. Our reports provide information that can be used by importers to request corrective actions. FSMA is an everyday business not only 3 days before a 3rd party audit. 

Need Pre-Audits?
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